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Each of our garments is put through an intense wet-wash process using the one and only Check-6 AEROSPACE cleaner that enables the deep clean of turn out gear without disturbing the integrity of the product.


According to NFPA standards, turnout gear should be cleaned no longer than once every six months to remain compliant. These standards allow us to machine wash your turnout gear in our state of the art industrial-size washer/extractor with electrically operated valves, fresh-water-flushing chemical manifold and six liquid chemical injection point to ensure our clients that products receive the best wash quality.

Our Cleaning Process

cleaner especially designed for high performance textiles

Super-concentrated solution with more active ingredients and less water

Fights oils, hydrocarbons and dirt with a balanced detergent action

Versatile enough for all public service and military clothing, web gear and textile accessories

Effective throughout the entire component range

Convenient to purchase and use


About Check 6 Cleaning Agent

Check-6 AEROSPACE detergent was developed “from-the molecule-up” for today’s public service and military. The active fireground is a dangerous environment with not only the obvious hazards, but also dangerous products of combustion contaminate PPE garments and accessories. Without rapid intervention, these chemical compounds may be introduced into our bodies through absorption during daily wearing!




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